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Education Program

The Winter 2020 Education Program will be announced in the coming weeks. Seminars are organized by Lenzing Fibers, Inc. All seminars, Textile Talks, and Explore the Floor tours are complimentary and are on a first-come, first served basis. 

*Schedule and speakers subject to change without prior notice.

Education Program - Summer 2019

Monday, July 22

Location: Lecture Square
Thimo Schwenzfeier | Show Director and Director Marketing-Communications | Messe Frankfurt

Neonyt Show Director welcomes attendees to Fashionsustain

Location: Lecture Square
Liz Hershfield | Head of Product, Development Production and Sustainability | Walmart eCommerce

In a brief speech, Liz Hershfield, Head of Product Development, Production & Sustainability Digital Consumer Brand Incubation at Walmart eCommerce will share her insights on what’s to come of sustainable practices in fashion and apparel.

Location: Lecture Square
Moderator: Maggie Kervick | GCNYC Director of Strategy & Integrated Partnerships | Glasgow Caledonian New York College

Juliette Barre | Director of Business Development and Marketing | Sourcemap Inc.
Karen Newman | United Nations Consultant
Leslie Ferrick | Senior Manager, Fabric R&D/Sourcing Dept | Athleta
Louise Claughton | Senior Director | PVH Corp.

Investors and consumers alike are driving pressures for transparency, influencing companies of all kinds to obtain greater visibility across the value chain to trace the origins of products.  But navigating the origins of a single apparel or accessories product is complex, with a single pair of sneakers touching upwards of 80 unique suppliers. Often used interchangeably, traceability refers to the steps a product takes throughout the value chain, whereas transparency can refer to the sharing of all types of information from sustainability to general operations.  This conversation will highlight the challenges and opportunities apparel and accessories brands have on managing their supply chains.  Learn how to start to map your supply chain, what types of market value supply chain visibility enables, and the technologies helping brands achieve greater transparency.

Location: Home Textile Symposium
Moderator: Warren Shoulberg | Contributing Editor:, The Robin Report, Home Textiles Today

Patti Carpenter | Principal + Creative Director Global Trend Ambassador | carpenter + company/Trendscope
Joe Derochowski | VP/Home Industry Advisor | NPD

What's the state of the home textile business today as global trading challenges, international politics, changing U.S. demographics and shopping patterns and the emergence of sustainability and eco issues change the dynamics of the business. Join Joe Derochowski of the renowned NPD market research and analytics firm and trend expert Patti Carpenter along with moderator Warren Shoulberg as they try to sort it all out in a lively, stimulating three-way conversation.

Location: Resource Row
Andrea Reyes | NYC Chair | NYC Fair Trade Coalition

Tour with NYC Fair Trade Coalition Board Member, Tessa Maffucci, as she introduces you to all the Resource Row partners with background information about each organization.

Location: Lecture Square
Moderator: Karla Magruder | Founder | Fabrikology International

Tricia Carey | Director of Global Business Development - Apparel | Lenzing Fibers, Inc.
Scott Echols | Program Director | ZDHC Foundation

Michele Zollinger | Sustainability Consultant | Quantis

The circular economy has made the news. Is it another step in the long journey to sustainability? Will it be the system that solves our environmental issues? Join the discussion on circularity, the efforts to reduce GHG emissions and processing textiles. Gain insights the positive steps we can all make to improve our environmental profile.

Location: Lecture Square
Thimo Schwenzfeier | Show Director and Director Marketing-Communications | Messe Frankfurt

Location: Lecture Square
Eileen Small | Market Development, Fashion and Apparel Events | Messe Frankfurt / Texworld USA
Ericka Garcia | Business Development Marketing Manager - North America | Lenzing Fibers Inc.

Join our show experts who will take you on a tour of some of our sustainable exhibitors in all areas of the show.

Tuesday, July 23

Location: Lecture Square
Louis Gerin | Texworld /Apparel Sourcing Art Director | 2G2L

This unmissable & ultra-popular of the show inspirational presentation seminar will introduce creative minds to the leading trend themes of the season, as well to the upcoming rising aesthetics. Decrypted by Texworld Trend Team, moods, color alliance, color palette, texture and specific aspects of the season will be decoded for the well-informed audience. The Texworld inspiration book is today one of the world’s leading industry reference for trend forecasting. The Texworld trend table infuses the fashion industry with their advanced decryptions of our world.

For more on trends, visit Texworld Showcase Tour at 11:00 AM.

Location: Home Textile Symposium
Moderator: Jennifer Marks | Editor-in Chief | Home Textiles Today

Kerrie Masone |Senior Researcher | Material ConneXion
Kathryn Richardson | Vice President of Sales | Libeco-Lagae Inc.
Debera Johnson | Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Design Studies | Pratt Institute

Leading home textiles retailers Walmart, Target and IKEA have recently announced new goals for sustainable processes and products with an eye towards reshaping the textiles supply chain. Concurrently, ingredients manufacturers are innovating nature-based performance fibers and finishes to address the exploding sustainability trend. Is your business in the know of what's to come, and what maybe on the next horizon? Our expert panelists in sustainability, materials development and consumer lifestyle trends will share:  

  • Consumer hot button issues for home textiles
  • New materials in development to create greener products
  • How consumers are integrating sustainable products into healthy lifestyles

Location: Texworld Showcase
Louis Gerin | Texworld / Apparel Sourcing Art Director | 2G2L

Join our Art Directors from 2G2L as they review the fabric trends for 2020 from our exhibitor collection in our Texworld Showcase area.

Textile Talks, Aisles K & L
Show Floor
Nicole Giordano | Founder | StartUp FASHION

Join StartUp FASHION for a discussion about how to grow beyond launch by creating brand personality, building customer relationships, and overcoming obstacles to better market your business and reach your goals.

Location: Lecture Square
Moderator: Tricia Carey | Director of Global Business Development - Apparel | Lenzing Fibers, Inc.

Manon Clavel | Consultant | Morocco agency for investments, development and exports (AMDIE)
Kristen Kern | Government Relations Representative | American Apparel & Footwear Association
Gail Strickler | President | Global Trade, Brookfield Associates, LLC

The African continent is a rapidly developing apparel market with Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, and the AGOA beneficiary countries topping the list for sourcing executives. What’s the latest on this emerging region in light of trade tensions, tariffs, and sustainability considerations? Listen in as a panel of experts share their thoughts on the future of the area for apparel and the range of factors companies should consider when evaluating these countries.

Location: Home Textile Symposium
Moderator: Jennifer Marks | Editor-in Chief | Home Textiles Today

Wayne Buchen | VP Strategic Sales | Applied DNA Sciences
Barry Leonard | Owner and Operator | Neo Enterprises
Robert Leo | Customs Attorney and Partner | Meeks, Sheppard, Leo & Pillsbury

As if the growing sustainability trend wasn't enough to manage, manufacturers and importers are also being impacted by tariff uncertainties, retail disruptions and digital innovations! It's no wonder the current product journey from factory to consumer is being deconstructed and re-worked. With the current home textiles sourcing landscape poised for change, your business better be ready to adapt, FAST. Learn what you can do NOW from our panel of global supply chain experts who will discuss:   

  • How leading suppliers are addressing the changes
  • What types of production resources are available outside the big three home producers (China, India, Pakistan)
  • How a small-footprint on-shoring operation could be set up to improve speed to market

Location: Textile Talks
Moderator: Shannon Lohr | Founder | Factory45

Mary Bemis | Founder | Reprise Activewear
Tiffany Shown | Founder | Fair Seas Supply Co.

Join sustainable fashion consultant, Shannon Lohr for a chat with two brands that launched through her accelerator program, Factory45.  Mary Bemis, Founder of Reprise Activewear and Tiffany Shown, Founder of Fair Seas Supply Co. share how they launched their brands without investors or thousands of dollars sitting in the bank.  Listen in on this discussion and find out the five steps to go from idea stage to selling.

Location: Lecture Square
Moderator: Arthur Friedman | Senior Editor | Sourcing Journal

Hanna Denes | Senior Standards Manager | Textile Exchange
Malvina Hoxha | Business Development Manager - Innerwear & Knits | Lenzing Fibers, Inc.
Megan Meiklejohn | Sustainable Materials & Transparency Manager | EILEEN FISHER, INC.

Most of your product’s impact comes from the raw material stage. Robust sustainability goals must start with an understanding of where your impacts are highest and how to improve. There are fibers and materials that can help you deliver on your sustainability goals and industry-leading standards to help you verify the content of your products. Join Sourcing Journal for this session to learn more about the impact of today’s most-used and loved fibers and how to get started on a better material strategy.

Wednesday, July 24

Location: Lecture Square
Sharon Graubard | Founder & Creative Director | MintModa

MintModa digs deep to uncover the drivers — emotional, aesthetic, cultural, historic — behind the trends. Each Trend Tale is also complete with actionable key items, must-have fabrics/prints and color palettes that will inspire relevant and desirable apparel and accessories for Fall-Winter 20 and beyond.

Location: Lecture Square
Sharon Graubard | Founder & Creative Director | MintModa

Join Sharon Graubard as she connects textile trends to Texworld exhibitors 

Textile Talks
Show Floor
Moderator: Kate Daly | Executive Director, Center for the Circular Economy | Closed Loop Partners

Patrick Duffy | Co-Founder | Global Fashion Exchange
Nicole Bassett | Co-Founder | Renewal Workshop
Rachel Kibbe | Co-Founder | Helpsy
Rachel K. Lincoln | Director of Sustainability | PrAna
Daniel Mota Pinto | Director of Strategy and Business Development | Scoop Portugal

Hear different organizations involved in some aspect of upcycling discuss what options and opportunities are available to both brands & individuals to be better stewards of reducing our environmental impact.

Location: Home Textile Symposium
Moderator: Lori Wyman | GOTS Representative in North America | GOTS

Barry Cik | Founder & Technical Director | Naturepedic
Kerry Quirk-Moser | Senior Director of Supply Chain | Boll and Branch

Learn about U.S. regulations for organic textile labeling and how you can use the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to substantiate your organic claim and retain your customers’ trust. Meet representatives from two successful home textile products companies who use GOTS to verify transparency and traceability throughout their supply chain.

Moderator: Robert Antoshak | Managing Director | Olah Inc.

Sheng Lu, Ph.D | Associate Professor | University Of Delaware
Julia Hughes | President | US Fashion Industry Association
Mark Engebretson | EVP Global Operations | VINCE

The session will provide insights into U.S. fashion brands and retailers’ latest sourcing practices, including the critical emerging sourcing trends. Other insights include primary factors affecting companies’ sourcing decisions, impacts of the U.S.-China tariff war, the outlook of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA), and other hot-button trade policy issues on sourcing.

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