July 20 – 22, 2021 Javits Center Save the Date

Welcome Exhibitors

We are excited to host you in our second virtual edition of Apparel Sourcing New York City. Please read each item carefully in order for you to have the best experience and maximize your participation in the show.

Show Hours

Tuesday, January 12
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST
Wednesday, January 13 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST
Thursday, January 14
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

Everything you need to know

  • All Apparel Sourcing NYC Winter 2021 Edition exhibitors will be given access during the soft launch on December 9, 2020. Please note that attendees do not have access to the platform at this time. This period is for exhibitors to start customizing your company page, add product listings, manage team members and master the use of the platform prior to show opening.
  • For returning companies (from Summer 2020 Virtual Edition): Your company profile will be pre-filled from the last edition. All you have to do is check and update your changes.
  • What you’ll need to prepare:
    • Company bio or summary if you have not provided this upon application
    • Company logo if you have not provided this upon application
    • Product photos, promotional video, and product details (in jpeg format), see below for more details on Product Listing
    • List of your team members/company representatives with unique email address
  • Details of Product Listing:
    • All exhibitors are granted to add 100 product listings
    • You are able to add (1) photo for each product listing
    • In each product listing, you will be able to add:
      • Description
      • (1) Embedded video
      • Product category
      • Price
      • Material
      • Website link/ link to brochure
      • Minimum order 
  • Each exhibiting company can add a maximum of (8) representatives. (1) admin and (7) team members. The admin will receive the invite to the platform and will be responsible for adding the rest of the team members. Admins are able to make changes to role assignments at any time.
  • Each team representative is required to have a unique email address. Please make sure that each of your representatives has a unique email address in order for them to create their own profile and manage availability.
  • Each representative is able to receive unlimited meeting requests from visitors and can send a maximum of 50 meeting requests at a time. The allotted slots open up each time users accept request. It is very important to keep track of meetings as requests come to always have availability open.
  • Show hours are in Eastern Standard Time. Coordinate with your team members for meeting availability to accommodate buyers from the US.

Virtual Platform Updates


Schedule Meeting Button

A 'Schedule Meeting' button has been added, users can now easily show interest, skip or schedule a meeting with recommended profiles. Users no longer have to wait to be matched to set up meetings.


Increased Pending Meetings

Exhibitors are now able to have up to 50 Pending Meetings at a time, doubled from the previous edition. Opportunity to add more Pending Meetings available -- ask our sales team.


Improved Functionality on the Search Bar

Users can now see their most recent searches below the bar when searching on the platform.


Invite More People to Meetings

Users are now able to invite more to their meetings up to 50 participants.


Inbound Leads

An explainer text has been added to the 'Inbound Leads' section to help exhibitors understand what they are and how to utilize them with networking.


Improved Meeting Scheduling Tool

Easily set up meetings that automatically adjust to your time zone.


Left-Side Navigation Bar

The left side bar navigation has been simplified for better visibility and easier navigation.

Download the Visual Step-by-Step Guide

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your page

We’re here to help you

Caitlin Clements

Contact for Exhibitors

Caitlin Clements

Abbe Alexander

Junior Sales Manager

Abbe Alexander

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